We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call for more information on products, current promotions.
Chafing Dish (Chafers)
Capacity 8qt Stainless Steel Roll Top (Rectangular)
Price: $20.00
Patio Heater With Propane
7 foot tall With propane 7 foot radius of heat
Price: $65.00
Patio Heater With Out Propane
7 foot tall Propane needed 7 foot radius of heat
Price: $50.00
Basic Folding Chair
Many our clients use these chairs for corporate events, family gatherings, and school graduations. Perfect for any last minute event.
Price: $1.25
White Resin Folding Chair
This chair has a padded seat and is popular during wedding season. Great for any elegant event.
Price: $2.00
Belly Bar Table
36"X 42"
Price: $9.50
Round Table
48" Round Seats 6 guests
Price: $8.50
Round Table
White 60" Round-Seats 8 guests
Price: $9.50
White Rectangular Tables 8ft
Seats 10 guests [4 on each side, one on each end]
Price: $8.50
White Rectangular table 6ft
Rectangular table 6' Seats-8 guests
Price: $7.95
Castle Jumper (ONLY) Residential only
13X13 Castle Jumper (Contact us to reserve)
Price: $90.00
JUMPER SLIDE (ONLY) Residential only
13X30 Slide Jumper Combo the absolute favorite with climbing ladder, jumping area and slide (contact us to reserve)
Price: $150.00
Canopy 10'X10' Waterproof
Adjustable Height Panoramic Window walling or regular Walling (Walls not included Order Seperately
Price: $69.00
Canopy 10'x10' Not Waterproof
white top
Price: $40.00

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